12-9-2018 | Juda – Bob Drews Toy Auction plus Consigned Guns, Ammo, ATV ūüóď

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DATE: Sunday December 9, 2018 

TIME: 11:00  (starting with Drews Toy auction followed by CONSIGNED Guns, Ammo, ATV)

LOCATION:N2350 County Hwy. S in Juda, WI, Auction to be held indoors at the Juda Community Center

For auction information phone Bob @ 608-558-5186

NOTE: Bob was a life long parts manager with Evergreen and Carter & Gruenewald. He is offering his very nice collection of collectible cars, trucks, & farm equipment toys. Almost all of the collections are new and in their boxes and most are in mint or near mint condition. There are numerous guides and literature of his collectibles. This auction is just in time for some Christmas shopping.

CAR/TRUCK BANKS¬†:¬†Numerous Hallmark Special Edition Truck/Van Banks; 11 Ace Hardware Car/Truck Banks, all new and still in their boxes; 13 Jc Penney Truck/Car Banks; 5 Case Truck Banks, Pewter Case Fuel Truck; Coca Cola Mechanical Santa Claus Bank and Trucks; 4 Budweiser Trucks with 1 Limited Edition; True Value, Complete Series #1-#28 Limited Edition, majority are still in their original boxes; Eastwood Series #1-#12 Trucks, Eastwood 1931 Ford Wrecker 1st & 2nd Anniversaries; Eastwood 1991 Limited Edition Bank; 200th Anniversary, Old Farmers Almanac Classic Bank; Montgomery Ward-Sears Roebuck Co Truck Bank; 6 U.S. Mail Truck Banks, 13 Farm & Fleet Pickup/Vans all in boxes; numerous Big A Auto Parts trucks/vans; 1913 Ford Model “T” Wisconsin Badger Van; 1931 Hawkeye Flatbed & I.H. Tractor Signature Edition; 1934 Ford Roadster, Street Rod, Limited Edition; 1946 Chevy Street Rod, Limited Edition; (2) 1964 Ford Galaxy 508 Convertible, 1 with rag top; Remington Shur/Shot& Express Game Bird Series #1-#6; several; (2) 1931 New Holland Hawkeye Truck, 1931 McCormick Deering Farmall Truck, 1935 Ford Collectors Limited Edition, 1938 McCormick Farmall Truck, 1940 Ford New Holland Panel Van, 1940 Ford New Holland Pickup 100th Anniversary, 1944 Case IH Modified Coupe, 1948 Ford New Holland Pickup, 1949 Formal Delivery Truck, 1956 Ford Pickup, 1959 I.H. Chevy Elkimino, Ford New Holland 50th Anniversary, plus many more

JOHN DEERE¬†:¬†Series #1-#20 Truck/Car Banks; Christmas Edition Horse & Wagon; Belt Buckle Collection with 1 millionth lawn/garden tractor and (2) Titan 2‚Äôs; 2 Bells; Rain Gauge; Key Box; Lunch Pail; (6) Coffee Mugs; Encyclopedia; (3) Pacesetters; 4pc. Historical Toy Set; (8) Mini Toy Tractors; (2) Manure Spreaders, 1 tandem axle with end gate, 1 barrel spreader; 2640 Tractor with Wagon; 50th Anniversary with Spoke Wheels; Cast Iron Tractor with Spoke Wheels; 1949-1954 Model “R” Series 2; 6600 Combine with bean head; 494 4 row Corn Planter; 5020 Tractors & Mack B-61 Truck still in box; New Idea, 2 row, pull type, corn picker, handmade, very nice; 3pt Rotary Motor, handmade; 4020 Narrow Front Tractor; 4440 Tractor; Skid Loader; Precision #1-#9, missing #6, one with cultivator; Precision 1 Lawn & Garden, Model 110 with Dump Cart, Booklet, & Coin; HallMark Mower #1; 1928 GP 3 cyl; 1929 GP, Wide Head, 2 cyl Expo, 65th Anniversary; 1930 2 cyl Expo V, Series P, 65th Anniversary; 1934 Tractor & Wagon, Model “A”; 1935 Model BR Collectors Edition; 1937 Model G Collectors Edition; 1940 Pulltype Combine, 12A, 50th Anniversary 1940-1990; 1947 Model MI; 1949 Model AR; 1949-1956 Model R. Collectors Edition II; 1953 70 Row Crop; 1953 Model D; 1953 70row Crop; 1956 Diesel Model 820; 1958 630 LP; 1960 Model 3010; 1960 3010; 1982 4 Wheel Drive Tractor Collectors Series; 3020 Autographed by Fred Ertel; Field of Dreams 2640; 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Tractor; 50th Anniversary “A” tractor; 9600 Combine; Disk; 4 Wheel Drive Tractor, Collectors Edition; Mower Conditioner

STANDS: 6 Metal Toy Stands; 1 PVC Toy Stand; 3 Wood Toy Stands; Metal Filing Cabinet with 2 drawers

MISCELLANEOUS : Nascar Baseball Cap & Picture signed by Matt Kenseth; (2) Spitoons, one is a Redskin Brand; Several 64th Scale Race Cars; Old Tonka Jeep; Dodge Ram with custom resign load 15th Edition; Kwik Trip, Light-up Semi Truck/Trailer Limited Edition; Several airplanes


WINCHESTER: Model 24 DBL 12 Ga.; Model 1911SL (Widow Maker) Semi Auto 12 Ga.; Model 36- 9MM Bolt action single shot;

BROWNING: 2 (Belgium) Semi Auto 12 Ga.; (Belgium Light 12) Semi Auto 12 Ga.; 2000 Semi Auto 12 Ga. Plus extra barrel;

BERETTA: 20 Ga. Semi Auto;


MOSSBERG: 500A pump 12 Ga. (Slugster);

ITHACA: 51 Featherlight semi auto 12 Ga.; 12 Ga. Pump;

REMINGTON: Model 11 Semi auto 12 Ga. (US Military Finish);

SAVAGE: Model 24 Over under 410-22;

STEVENS: (Browning) Model 620-20 Ga. Pump; Model 770-12 Ga. Pump; Model 5100-12 Ga. DBL Barrel:

WEATHERBY: Model 82-12 Ga. Semi-auto;

TRADITIONS: ALS 2100 semi auto 12 Ga.

BARRELS: 2 Mossberg 12 Ga. Vent Ribs; Ithaca Model 37-20 Ga. Vent rib ultra Featherlight; Browning 12 Ga. Slug barrel; Browning 12 Ga.; Remington Vent rib w/chokes 12 Ga.;


Remington: Model 14 Pump 32 Cal.; Model R Octagon;

MARLING: Remington 22 Rolling Block 22 single shot; 2- 336SC Lever Action 35 Cal.;

SPRINGFIELD: Model 87A semi auto 22 LR;

STEVENS: Model 87C Semi auto 22 LR;

WINCHESTER: Model 94(pre 64) lever action 30-30; Model 70 bolt action 375 H&H magnum w/Redfield 1.75X5 scope; Model 60 bolt action single shot 22; Model 67 bolt action single shot 22 S/L/LR;

GLENFIELD: Model 60 semi auto 22;

MILITARY: 7.62 bolt action;

HENRY SURVIVAL: Model H002 single shot 22 LR only.

HAND GUNS: Iver Johnson 22-7 shot; Ruger 22 LR Auto; German pistol (Pistole Kal 635 BL Mod PDP); US Revolver Co. 5shot 38 Cal.; Harrington Richardson Hammerless revolver 5 shot 38 Cal.; Iver Johnson 22 cal. 7 shot;

BB GUNS: 2 Marksman BB; Daisy BB 177 target special; Red Rider BB gun;

MUZZLE LOADERS: Thompsons Center (Thunder Hawk Shadow) 50 cal.; Remington Muzzle loader;

AMMUNITION: Remington, H& H & Winchester 375; Federal & Remington 30-30; Remington 416 Mag.; 410, 10, 12, 16 & 20 Ga. shotgun shells; Winchester, Western, Remington, Federal, 30-06; Remington 35 Kleanbore Express; Remington 25-06; Remington 222 & 32; Western 264 Mag Power Point; 22-250 Rem-Winchester; 300 Winchester; 257 Weatherby; other calibers of shells;

ACCESSORIES: Gun cleaning kits; Hunting knives; Binoculars; Hand telescope; Forester Bench Best Dies; Hornady reload Dies; Redding reload Equipment; gun cases; gun stocks;

ATV: 1987 Yamaha 225 Moto 4, color yellow 2wd, gear shift;


TERMS: Cash or good check. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

AUCTIONEERS: Tom Bidlingmaier, Browntown, WI  608-328-4878 & Cory Bidlingmaier, Monroe, WI 608-558-4924.  WRAL #740 & 1283. B&M Auctions of WI, LLC, Browntown, WI   WRAL#166

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