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DATE: Thursday, March 18th, 2021
TIME: 11:00 am
LOCATION: 4603 Kingsley Rd., Gratiot, WI. From Gratiot, WI go west on Hwy.11 app. Five miles to Kingsley Rd., go south app. one mile to farm on right.
For more information call or text Mike @ 608-965-3142
  • 54-Milk Cows with due dates as follows: 3-March, 10-April, 14-May & 6-June, balance are all shortbred. ¬†Lactations: 19-lst calf, 14-2nd calf & 12-3rd calf
  • 43-Holsteins, 4-R&W Holsteins & 7-Jersey & Jersey Cross
  • 26-Bred Heifers, all bred to a Black Angus Bull, 16-Heifers-bull turned in July 27th &
  • 10-Heifers-bull turned in Oct. 10th This group includes 20-Holsteins, 1-R&W Holstein Polled, 2-Jersey & 3-Holstein/Jersey Cross
  • 11-Open Heifers, 5-7 mos. Old
  • 8-Holsteins, 2-Jerseys & 1-Holstein/Jersey Cross

PRAIRIE FARMS MILK QUOTA to be auctioned: Daily base pound average is 2952 lbs. For any questions please call your local rep.

NOTE: This herd has roots that go back to 1962.  Mike has AI bred since 1995 with 33-cows now bred to a young sired Holstein Bull.  All Crossbreds are AI bred to a polled R&W Holstein Bull. Sires & breeding information will be available on sale day.  Currently cows are giving a 55lb. Average at the back of their lactation.  Cows get OrbaSeal & Tomorrow at dry off.  A very well cared for young herd with many cows in their lst, 2nd & 3rd lactation. This has been a closed herd since 1995.  As of Feb.8, 2021 the SCC is under 100,000.  Mike’s herd has received quality milk awards for over 25 years. One of his major goals in the dairy industry was to focus on his SCC. Cows are being milked in a stanchion barn and are being fed dry hay and silage. Annual vaccinations up to date by Center Hill Vet Service. Overnight stay is welcome.

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TERMS: Cash or good check. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

AUCTIONEERS: Tom Bidlingmaier, Browntown, WI  608-328-4878 & Cory Bidlingmaier, Monroe, WI 608-558-4924.  WRAL #740 & 1283. B&M Auctions of WI, LLC, Browntown, WI   WRAL#166