4-20-2019 | Monticello – Art and Nancy Studer: Complete Farm Equipment Auction 🗓

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DATE: Saturday, April 20th

TIME: 9:30 am (Shop items first, then scrap iron piles)

LOCATION: N5810 Co F, Monticello, WI. From Monticello, WI off of Hwy. 69 go east on County F app. Three miles.

For auction info phone Art @ 608-938-4392

NOTE: After 62 years of farming in the Monticello area the Studer’s have decided to sell their machinery.

TRACTORS: Deutz DX140 powermatic 5870 w/loader (to be offfered sep), tach show 5000+ hours, Cab, FWA, good rubber; Deutz DX140, tach show 5655 hrs, FWA, powermatic, good rubber, cab, fenders, duals all around; Deutz D6206, 2WD; Massey 101 w/V8;

DUALS: 20.8.38 & 14.9.R28 clamp on duals; misc. tires & rims; WEIGHTS: 12-Massey Front

COMBINE: NH TR 70 w/4RW head;

FARM MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT: Gehl 1860 TDC Rd. Baler, twine, grounder wheels & gandy; Gehl 800 chopper, hay & 2RW corn heads; NH 499 haybine, hydra swing, V.Good;

JD 7000 4R planter w/liq.fert; JD FB 10ft. Drill w/grass seed, low rubber; Farmhand HG 3040 hay grinder w/elevator; Hawk built 6168 4-row stalk chopper; Brillion ML 164 15ft. Cultimulcher w/IB wheels; Krause 1900 24ft. Disc w/hyd. Wings; Glenco 9-shank chisel plow w/drag; Massey 5-bottom 880 plow, side hill hitch land or farrow; Miller 14ft. Offset disc; Noble 3pt 4-row cult; 4-sec. Power harrow; 10ft. Roller, good cond; JD 400 6-row 3pt. Rotary hoe; Owatonna 540 stacker; Duetz rotary rake; CIH 600 Blower; NH 30 Blower; Gehl 95 mill; 4-section drag & cart; Scavenger II 309 manure spreader; NH tandem tank spreader/wood hauler, needs floor; Gehl flail chopper, good; Grain-0-vator; Alley 500 gal inline sprayer w/booms w/newer pump; DMI 6″8ft. Auger w/motor; 2-4″ 16 & 18ft. Augers on transit; Allied 40ft. DC Pto elevator; 30ft. SC Hay elev, elec; Tox-0-wick Mod.270 batch dryer, PTO; 2-PTO augers on truck; 3pt. Boom; JD #8 sickle mower fits B; 3pt. Stack mover; 3-3pt. Bale movers; HD 3pt. 8ft. Scraper blade; 3pt. Post digger;

WAGONS: 5-18ft. Cage wagons w/gears; Gehl 960 & 970 16ft. Steel sided chopper boxes w/Gehl tandem gears, sharp; Gehl 14ft. Chopper box; Kilbros 375 grav.box w/HD gear; 250 bu grav. Box w/Gehl gear; 2-300 bu. grav.boxes; 18ft. feeder wagon w/slant bars for hay w/gear; K&K 20ft. Feeder wagon; 18ft. Schoessow feeder wagon, rusty floor; green chop wagon w/gear; SS 20ft. Grain feeder on cart;

TRAILERS: 8x24ft. Tri axle homemade trailer; 16ft. Bumper hitch cattle trailer; 8×18 Tri-axle trailer; 4×8 Trailer; 2-wheel 8ft. Dump trailer;

CATTLE & FARM EQUIPMENT: Port. Head chute, 8ft. Long; 12-free stall dividers; 2-galv. Farrow crates; port. Metal steer stuffer; 3-8×8 square bale feeders for round or square bales; Schoessow 10ft. Fenceline feeder, V.Good; 2-10ft. Poly feeder, 1 with hay saver; Schoessow port. 2-3 bale feeder; stack feeders; S&M feeder; poly calf water; 3-port. 500 gal water tank, one on cart; 2-SS cattle waters (1-bulk cooler & 1-cheese vat) 12-corral panels on gate wagon, panels to be sep; misc. gates; bale feeders; gravity box w/roof; milk pail; milk stool; 12ft. Tile spade; hay knives; OH gas barrel; barn fan; bedding chopper w/gas motor; chrome bumper;

HUTS & QUANSITS; 2-calf huts; 4-quansit galv. 6&8ft. Huts; lg. Quansit hut;

CORN CRIB: wire corn crib, buyer to take down; BULK BIN: Schuld 3 ton bulk bin

SHOP ITEMS: large ass’t of shop tools app. Two loads; antique glass oil jug; P&D parts Cabinet; 20 ton press; CK Wire feed welder; 2-bolt bins; 36″ pipe wrench; drill press; screw jacks; 4ft. Level; torch set; 3-iron racks;

IRON & SCRAP: Misc. Iron & machinery: misc. iron piles; 2-bulk coolers used for water on gear;

CONSIGNED: NH 664 rd. baler, twine tie & net wrap options

TERMS: Cash or good check. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

AUCTIONEERS: Tom Bidlingmaier, Browntown, WI  608-328-4878 & Cory Bidlingmaier, Monroe, WI 608-558-4924.  WRAL #740 & 1283. B&M Auctions of WI, LLC, Browntown, WI   WRAL#166

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