9-19-2019 | Darlington – Dave and Connie Determan : Complete Dairy Dispersal Auction 🗓

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DATE:Thursday, September19th

TIME: 10:30 am

LOCATION: 16394 Crist Lane, Darlington, WI, 53530. From Darlington, WI Go north on Hwy. 23 to Crist Lane, go left to farm

For cattle information phone 608-341-7918


  • 198 Dairy Cows
  • 26-cows dry and bred 7-mos & up, some close (Some are Swiss)
  • 27-cows fresh 1-40 days
  • 32-cows fresh 40-100 days (This group has a 85.5lb.average)
  • 49-cows fresh 100+ days
  • Balance in all stages of lactation.
  • 1-Swiss Jersey Cross adult breeding bull
  • 34-Bred Heifers, bred 1-8 mos. (15-are Swiss & Swiss Cross)
  • A very nice group of heifers in good condition. Lots of dairy type. All AI Sired.
  • 16-Open Heifers, close to breeding age (some Swiss & Swiss Cross)
  • 18- 300-500 lbs. Heifers, (3-Brown Swiss)

HERD NOTE: Approximately 1/3 of this herd are Brown Swiss and Swiss Cross. There are 12-Jerseys and Jersey Cross with the balance being Holsteins. The RHA has been as high as 28,000. It is presently 22,821 with 369F, 931F & 749 Protein The SCC is 240,000. The Detterman’s are currently shipping a 75lb. average to the milk plant. 31-cows are giving 100-146 lbs. 40-cows are milking 80-95 lbs. 1st Calf heifers are averaging 78.1 lbs. This herd is being milked in a parlor and are use to free stalls and sand. All cows are AI bred with Select Sires for past 20 years. The Breeding Bull is calve ease sired and used only on heifers. All home raised. Up to date on foot trimming and vaccination with Bovashield and J-Vac. Herd health check bi-monthly. Some of the Swiss cattle may be registered.

TERMS: Cash or good check. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

AUCTIONEERS: Tom Bidlingmaier, Browntown, WI  608-328-4878 & Cory Bidlingmaier, Monroe, WI 608-558-4924.  WRAL #740 & 1283. B&M Auctions of WI, LLC, Browntown, WI   WRAL#166

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