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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]DATE: Saturday, September 22nd

TIME: 11:00 am

LOCATION: N5129 Rechsteiner Rd., Monticello, WI.  From Monroe, WI go east on Hwy. 59 to Rechsteiner Rd., go north app. Three miles to farm on left.

For auction questions call Brian @ 608-558-3363 after 3:30 pm

NOTE: Due to our friend Alfalfas untimely death the family has decided to disperse his dairy cattle and the feed. Jeff farmed in the Monticello area his entire life.


61- Holstein Dairy Cows w/2-Registered Brown Swiss & 1-R&W Cows

Inc. 15-dry cows, app. ½ herd is recently fresh

20-Large Holstein Bred Heifers, bred to Holstein bull, bred 3-7mos.

1-Purebred Holstein Breeding Bull, 1 ½ yrs.old

20-Holstein Open Heifers, ready to breed inc. 1-R&W & 1-Br. Swiss

12-Holstein Heifers, 3-6mos.old

10-Holstein Started Heifer Calves inc. 1-Br.Swiss, one month old

10-Holstein Started Bull Calves, one month old

3-Heifers & 1-Bull Calves on milk

20-Holstein Steers on full feed in very good condition, 700-1200 lbs.

13-Holstein Steers, 400-500 lbs.

Cattle Notes: A large framed, young herd with good dairy traits. Cows are being milked in a stanchion barn and use to free stalls. Feeding consists of baled dry hay, haylage & grain and pastured throughout the day. No TMR. The SCC runs between 200-300,000 with 3.66 BF. Herd usually averages 65 lbs. of milk with cows up to 120 lbs. Cattle are vaccinated with J-Vac. Cattle are on monthly herd check & are annually vaccinated in the fall. Most calf hood vaccinated. Jeff has been AI breeding for past 20 years and used a Purebred Holstein Bull for clean-up. Also, a very nice selection of bred & open heifers & steers to choose from. The right kind of cattle to take home. Please keep in mind photos were taken one hour after milking & after lots of rain.

FEED in SILO BAGS: 8x100ft. lst crop, sealed 8x150ft, tripper/barley, opened

FEED in SILOS: 20x80ft. Corn silage, ½ full; 20×80 haylage 2/3 full, lst crop with some 2nd

TERMS: Cash or good check. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

AUCTIONEERS: Tom Bidlingmaier, Browntown, WI  608-328-4878 & Cory Bidlingmaier, Monroe, WI 608-558-4924.  WRAL #740 & 1283. B&M Auctions of WI, LLC, Browntown, WI   WRAL#166[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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